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What is a "Waypoint"?

Mark a specific place or particular intersection along a route as a “waypoint“ and then record relevant information. Four waypoint symbols are available to denote which way to go or how a place is of specific interest.

How to create a waypoint:

Using the Route Planner

  1. Select a set point (e.g. “D“) along the route in the Route Planner.
  2. Information will appear showing the geodata of the point.  Select “Create waypoint“.
  3. A window opens in which you can add a title for the waypoint, assign it one of the symbols and provide a description.
  4. Select “Save“ to finish creating your waypoint.
  5. The point will now be displayed with its accompanying symbol.

During tracking 

You can also create waypoints when tracking. To do this, tap on the three horizontal dots at the top right → Create waypoint → you can give the waypoint a name, assign it one of the icons and add a description. The waypoint will be saved at your current location.

Good to know

A waypoint is always directly linked to the route. Any waypoints you create will be visible to community members once the route has been published.

You also have the alternative option of creating a point that is independent of the route. 

Please note, however, that a point can also have the category “waypoint“ (just like the categories “mountain hut“ or “viewpoint“) assigned to it. These are completely unrelated to the waypoints linked to routes.

Please also note that waypoints cannot be viewed while navigating.

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